Check-Up Collection by Designtex

Check-Up Collection by Designtex


has unveiled two new products intended primarily for healthcare applications, the Check-Up Collection of performance fabrics and Play Date wall solution. Designtex has lived up to its Steelcase parent company with its own solutions that incorporate innovation, research, and design.

Bleach-Cleanable, Stain-Resistant, Mold-Inhibiting Performance Fabrics

The Check-Up Collection of ten coated fabrics delivers performance and style. From performance polyurethane to nylon microfiber to vinyl seating, these fabrics are all bleach-cleanable, stain-resistant, and durable. The Check-Up Collection's performance finishes work well and last long in demanding healthcare environments. Most of the textiles allow germicide use, and some styles use coatings that inhibit mold, mildew, and bacteria.

But the Check-Up Collection doesn't just provide strength-it also features strong style. With a mixture of solids, textures, and patterns that all work together, Check-Up works as a system. A minimal set of colors for each pattern featuring "harmonious tones with occasional accent colors" offers flexibility "and allows these fabrics to be easily integrated into existing settings."

Check-Up Collection and Play Date Wall System by Designtex

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