Design Miami 2016: Mon Chérie by Florian Borkenhagen

Design Miami 2016: Mon Chérie by Florian Borkenhagen

Hanging pendulously in the corner of the Ammann Gallery booth at Design Miami, Mon Ch©rie by Florian Borkenhagen is a one-of-a-kind chandelier that defies its materials by being so much of everything, both at once: heavy and light, familiar and alien, ornamental and industrial, pendant and static.


Constructed of copper-plated steel and glass, Mon Ch©rie features patterned translucent discs affixed to a sac-shaped metal skeleton. The glass pieces remind me of underwater wonders, symmetrical organisms like urchins, anemones, and medusas. These organic shapes put me in mind of Ernst Haeckel's anatomical drawings of ocean creatures.


Wherever it's hung, Mon Ch©rie will blur the line between design and art, reveling in the strange and asking us to imbue the world of objects with animism-because Mon Ch©rie is nothing if it isn't alive, pulsing with light and teeming with life.

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