Terracotta: Lighting Trend

Terracotta: Lighting Trend

In recent years, red terracotta clay, traditionally used to make flower pots and roof tiles, has been used to create contemporary lighting designs.

Chimney lamps by Benjamin Hubert for Viaduct

Slip cast with a white earthenware clay, the Chimney lamps by Benjamin Hubert for Viaduct are hand thrown in Wales in the UK. After casting they are hand painted on the potter’s wheel with a terracotta slip which has an addition of 25% sand. They are then glazed on the inside with a white tin glaze and kiln fired.

Terracotta lamps by Tomas Kral for PCM Design

Featuring a matt exterior and a glossy white glaze inside, the Terracotta lamps by Tomas Kral for PCM Design are available with one or three cone-shaped shades.

Terracotta Pendant lamps byTom Housden of Hand and Eye Studio

Designed by Tom Housden of Hand & Eye Studio in London, the Terracotta pendant lamps are a line of slip cast lights that contrast warm terracotta with a shiny white glaze and brightly colored electric flex.

Pleat Box by Marset

Cast in ceramic, the Pleat Box by Marset is a collaboration between master ceramicist Xavier Mañosa and Berlin-based Mashallah.The design is available in four shapes and sizes and with an exterior in white, terracotta, brown, black,or grey ceramic and with an interior in brilliant white, enamel or glittering gold.

Terracotta Pendant  lamp by Nick Fraser

Designed and made in the UK, Nick Fraser’s angular Terracotta pendant lamps are traditionally dip glazed to reflect the light.

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