The Sensible Way to Save Energy

The Sensible Way to Save Energy

The Sense Home Energy Monitor is a small, snazzy-looking device that easily integrates into any home's electrical panel.



Users simply install the unit and download a compatible app that lets Sense transmit home energy usage information directly to their phone.


The monitor accomplishes this intricate translation by capturing the unique electrical footprint created by any electrical appliance-"applying multi-domain device signature detection algorithms to distinguish one appliance from another and recognize each individual voice."


The upshot is the ability to track home energy usage with pinpoint precision. Sense will tell you how efficient your refrigerator is, if someone left the iron on, if your dryer door could use a tighter fit, and if your kids have been watching too much TV.


The app not only tracks energy use, it also provides helpful tips to achieve energy savings and sure-fire ways to lower bills.


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