Heavy Duty Tables from Spec Furniture

Heavy Duty Tables from Spec Furniture

Spec Furniture designs durable, long-lived furniture for demanding environments. The company's line of Heavy Duty Tables is a great example.


Specifically formulated for the unique requirements of behavioral health facilities, Spec's Heavy Duty Tables feature tamperproof components-assuring they may not be disassembled or altered.


Heavy Duty Tables are environmentally friendly and hygienic. A non-pickable, two-millimeter beveled-edge makes tops durable and easy to clean.


Tables are available in various configurations, from circular to square styles with trumpet or disc bases to drum, cube, and square freestanding models.



Spec offers numerous finishes for both bases and tabletops-76 Spectone colors for powdered epoxy bases and 38 matching PVC tops.


For additional information, contact Spec.

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