Sleek EZ-123 and EZ-123K Overbed Tables by Nemschoff

One of the most important lessons my parents taught me growing up was that of recognition. The key phrase used to describe the disrespectful lack thereof is commonly recited with “taking ___for granted” – whether it be our homes, our education, our relationships, and even during times of medical care. Thanks to the folks who have not taken healthcare tables for granted, the EZ-123 and the EZ-123K overbed tables by Nemschoff have been developed as tried and true alternatives to the old-fashioned tray system that we praise in moments of need.

EZ-123 overbed table. Manufactured by Nemschoff.

For Easy Adjusting by Hospital Beds, its the EZ-123 and EZ-123K Tables by Nemschoff

Almost as if they were fraternal twins,  the EZ-123 and the EZ-123K overbed tables by Nemschoff are made with equivalent mechanics, an almost identical outward appearance, and very similar materials throughout. In the beginning, I compared the two tables like I was doing a “Where’s Waldo” image search. Anything in the shape of a ‘K’ would have satisfied by curiosity. In the end, the EZ-123 and EZ-123K have many similarities: both have a top height that can adjust from a low 29-3/4″ up to 45-3/4″ in height, both have an adjustable gas spring mechanism that locks the table in place “as EZ as 1-2-3” says Nemschoff, and both have a balanced K-shape base with caster wheels. (The latter answered my former question by making it a bit more confusing.)

EZ-123 overbed table. Manufactured by Nemschoff.

By custom-fitting a hospital patient with an overbed table that adjusts to meet their needs, other special features are bonuses that also come in handy. For instance, Nemschoff equipped each table with a vanity mirror and storage that can be accessed for either side. They also have a wobble-free column, shroud-covered steel base, and a molded edge top that keeps spills contained. The major difference between the two tables is the size of the tabletop surface: the EZ-123 has a top measuring 18-1/2″W  x 34-1/2″L; the EZ-123K has a top that measures 20-3/4″W x 35-3/4″L.

EZ-123 overbed table. Manufactured by Nemschoff.

EZ-123K table. Manufactured by Nemschoff.

Thanks to the designers at Nemschoff, their EZ-123 an EZ-123K overbed tables are easy to use and customizable, fitting a patient’s individual needs with an emphasis on high quality materials and mechanics.

About the Manufacturer: Nemschoff was founded in 1950 by Leonard Nemschoff, who is said to have lived by the principle that “people make the difference”. This is value is at the core of the company philosophy and mission, they’ve become a leading healthcare furnishing manufacturer over the past 60+ years. Everything they design and make is known for quality and craftsmanship that is built on a platform of research and development.

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