Botanical Art by Artisan Moss

Botanical Art by Artisan Moss

Characterized as "maintenance-free alternatives to living walls," these botanically themed tableaux from California-based Artisan Moss will convert your space into an impressive facsimile of living, breathing foliage.



This plant art may not actually introduce oxygen into your atmosphere, but it will provide an enriching textural experience, as well as a spiritual breath of fresh air.


Artisan Moss owner and lead designer Erin Kinsey has worked as a landscape designer, muralist, and fine art restorer. This pedigree-along with her location in verdant Northwest California-inspired her to create the preservation method for these works of living art.


Each one-of-a-kind piece is made from sustainably harvested, painstakingly preserved moss, lichens, ferns, and downed wood, memorialized within beautiful frames of reclaimed wood-in standard-sizes or custom-built to user specifications.


For details on how to obtain your unique piece of "outdoor beauty within the heart of your indoor space," contact Artisan Moss.

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