Val Bathroom Fixtures by LAUFEN

Val Bathroom Fixtures by LAUFEN

For its line of Val bathroom fixtures, Swiss bathroom specialist LAUFEN teamed up with noted Munich-based designer Konstantin Grcic to infuse the collection with stylistic touches that also keep functionality and sanitation in mind.


For example, when designing the collection’s washbasins, Grcic employed simple architectural lines, narrow, rounded edges, and fine surface structures to infuse each piece with style. For flexibility, washbasins are available in six widths ranging from 18 to 37 inches, making them appropriate for bathrooms of all dimensions.


In addition to the washbasins, the Val collection contains washbasin bowls, trays, bathtubs, and bathroom furniture all made using SaphirKeramik, a ceramic material patented by LAUFEN that is revered for its strength and malleability.


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