Side by Side by Davis Furniture

Side by Side by Davis Furniture

Side by Side

by Davis Furniture may be the perfect modular seating for millennial students, given its many moods. Join two pieces to create seating for people who want to study together-within separately defined areas. Add a high back for intimate booths in which to meet or work. Or use stand-alone chairs for those who need to read or cram for exams.


The Side by Side collection was designed by Dick Spierenburg and Karel Boonzaaijer, who envisioned an entire series "characterized by the smooth curvature of the seat design coupled with the crisp, straight edges of the exterior." Left-facing, right-facing, and straight pieces are the building blocks for Side by Side: make solo seating or fill an entire room. In bold colors and geometric configurations, Side by Side looks fantastic in large open areas such as college libraries.



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