Insidherland’s Pianist Table

Insidherland’s Pianist Table

Insidherland's Pianist Table is a beautifully crafted piece of Estremoz marble and brass that lends elegance and artistry to any space-especially upscale hospitality venues.



The piece is born of the clever conceit embodied in Paul Klee's "Pianist,"-one of 24 drawings in which "the Swiss painter and musician portrays the souls of musicians who, having lost their instruments, continue to play music using their own bodies."


The Pianist Table references Klee's drawing in the eight inlaid brass "fingers" projecting forth within the alabaster marble just as a pianist's digits dance atop the black keys of the instrument.


Options for the Pianist Table include alternative marbles (on request) as well as choice of base in polished, brushed, oxidized brushed, or aged brushed brass, copper, or steel. For additional information see Insidherland.

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