Polis Modular Marble by Lithos Design

Polis Modular Marble by Lithos Design

There’s something timeless about Polis Modular Marble, a new architectural wall covering by Lithos Design.

Polis Modular Marble wall behind nightstand

Indeed, its deeply etched texture resembles pictographs or arcane symbols, secretive founts of wisdom to be deciphered through tactile exploration. Or, as Lithos puts it, “fascinating ancestral carvings with a compelling decorative rhythm.”

Polis Modular Marble detail

Above all, Polis is invested in exploring the potential of the material, achieving a faceted pattern on the surface that provides endless visual variation, as it interacts with changing light conditions—“densely weaving impressions to create walls that dance.”

Polis Modular Marble in bedroom with partial view of red chair

Polis is a modular marble tile that’s 23 5/8″ x 23 5/8″ x 25/32” thick. Lithos Design offers Polis in more than 20 colors, from imperial green to nighttime blue to mottled gray.

Polis Modular Marble with red chairs

Find out more at Lithos Design.

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