Expanded Styles from Chemetal

Expanded Styles from Chemetal

Massachusetts-based Chemetal recently expanded their collection of HPL and solid metal surfacing.


The new additions include brushed golden aluminum and brushed stainless steel, both of which are appropriate for vertical and horizontal light-duty applications.


Uses for this locally-sourced, high-recycled-content material run the gamut. Users have found creative applications in multiple venues, including a decorative bar backing for a premium scotch display, a magnetic chalkboard in a coffee shop, and an entrance display for a boutique clothing store.




Chemetal's materials palette is extensive, featuring brushed aluminums, oxidized brass and copper, HPL metal laminates, tinted metals, and perforated patterns. Options include five colorways, 40 styles, and choice of laminate backer (for surface installations) or freestanding anodized aluminum.

See Chemetal for further information.

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