dECOLeather by Formica Group

dECOLeather by Formica Group

dECOLeatherâ„¢ by Formica Group is a recycled leather veneer that-in terms of cost, versatility, and aesthetics-gives natural leather a run for its money.


Constructed of 70% recycled leather fibers and 30% natural rubber, dECOLeatherâ„¢ confers many of the advantages of leather while avoiding some of its pitfalls. It's easy to fabricate and install; plus, it duplicates leather's appeal to the senses: the product looks, feels, and even smells like natural leather.


dECOLeatherâ„¢ is appropriate for a wide range of interior applications, including surface finishes for walls, casework, doors, and tabletops.



dECOLeatherâ„¢ is available in 18 colors and three "richly-grained finishes-crocodile, walrus, and buffalo."


With its exceptional durability and stain-resistance, dECOLeatherâ„¢ is an ideal fabric for healthcare applications. Contact Formica Group for additional information.

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