EcoDomo’s Royal Throne Collection of Leather Toilet Seats

When manufacturer Eco Domo says their new Royal Throne Collection (RTC) line will make you feel like royalty, they mean it. For what implement more palpably suggests the "sport of kings" than a luxuriously appointed, finely stitched and hand sewn toilet seat? Indeed, EcoDomo's new line of leather toilet seats will make anyone's bathroom fit for a King (or Queen, Prince, or Princess, for that matter).

Royal Leather Throne Collection Leather Toilet Seat. Manufactured by EcoDomo.

EcoDomo's Fine Toilet Seats Feature a Bamboo Core and Recycled Leather Upholstery

Even if the sentiment is temporary-limited only to the brief daily periods spent perched upon the loo-it provides a noted psychological boost, as well as a surpassingly comfortable respite. EcoDomo's "rollout of ecological, stylish and unique sustainable architectural details," hits a peak with RTC, as the exterior features premium anti-microbial, low-VOC Italian Leather.

EcoDomo's Royal Throne Collection of Leather Toilet Seats

The line represents an extension of the company's recycled leather floors, so the different color and style choices are extensive-including 16" rounds and 18" ovals in Biscuit, Sea Shell, Wheat, Mink, Nigrine, and Tamale. Of course, true connoisseurs will stay in step with living royalty, as Prince Charles is rumored to own a toilet seat wrapped in white leather.

Royal Leather Throne Collection Leather Toilet Seat. Manufactured by EcoDomo.

As his highness is no doubt aware-his butler having confirmed that said leather seat accompanies him on all his travels-once you experience the warm, inviting texture of real leather, there's no going back to cold porcelain: "In powder rooms, a leather seat and lid is unexpected, sophisticated, and artful. In master and spa baths, they're a wonderful indulgence. Velvety intimate and soft. It's a great way to begin and end a day."

About the Manufacturer: EcoDomo LLC has found a niche entry into the A&D marketplace: "we manufacture and design true sustainable luxurious architectural details… EcoDomo was initiated in 2005 in response to the need for high-end ecological and renewable products." The company's debut product was an attractive and utilitarian collection of leather floor tiles. In the intervening six years, EcoDomo has developed multiple variations on this theme, including interlocking planks, decorative corners, and cork flooring. Their latest innovation is the Royal Throne Collection line of leather toilet seat covers and matching leather bath mats.

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