Bika Bike Rack by Killwood Makes Upcycling Easy

Bika Bike Rack by Killwood Makes Upcycling Easy

Bika by Killwood is the first sustainable modern bike rack crafted from pine beetle kill wood and is designed to showcase your bike as a premium display centerpiece in your home, and bring convenience to your every day. Killwood only uses wood from trees that have been affected by the pine beetle epidemic, which has devastated portions of forests in British Columbia, where Killwood is based.


Bika’s exotic kill wood surfaces are uniquely marked by nature, featuring distinctive blue streaks. The humble minimalist design lets the beauty of the wood take center stage. And for each rack produced, a new one will be planted in its place in the forest.

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To make each rack, Killwood’s team of woodworkers meticulously handcraft each piece to deliver a work of art with quality construction.


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