House of Hackney’s Little Wallpaper for Large Minds

House of Hackney’s Little Wallpaper for Large Minds

This is not your Grandmother's wallpaper. Or is it? "Reimagined for today's generation of kids," House of Hackney's archival collection evokes the past while imagining the future. Equally enamored of floral motifs and beastly meanderings, the line features a subdued color palette foregrounded by intensely intricate designs.


Giraffe with chest

"Little House of Hackney" is comprised of the company's archival collection, housed at the Victoria and Albert museum. Timeless prints all, they have been rescaled, remastered, and reintroduced into the contemporary lexicon.


In "Baleana," whales float lazily past a curtain of slate blue pinstripes.


"Alice in Wonderland"-a print originally designed by Arts and Crafts artist C.F.A. Voysey, is a miniaturist's rendering of the classic tale that would even do Bosch proud.


These examples are just the starting point for House of Hackney's Art Deco Menagerie. Other creatures that live large in the confines of these walls include prancing flamingos, zebras seemingly suspended from geometric jungle vines, and a pride of giraffes, subtly camouflaged within the intricate pattern of a cheetah-print pelt.




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