Cavern Kids by Cavern

Cavern Kids by Cavern

Inspired by the recent 3rings post on Little House of Hackney, I decided to continue our look at wallcoverings meant for children-that also meet the approval of design-minded adults. To that end, Cavern offers Cavern Kids, a collection of seven wallpapers with just enough whimsy.


Both Tapestry and Navajo offer a new take on the cowboys-and-indians theme. Arrows and feathers are elevated here by composition, color, and scale. The double-sided arrows of Tapestry are available in Zuni (black and gray) or Eskimo (cream and white). With lots of negative space, Tapestry makes an excellent backdrop. Navajo-in unexpected palettes of Turquoise (turquoise and mustard), Rawhide (terracotta and blue), or Pastel (pastel blue and lilac)-relies on its large scale to reinvent the iconic feather.


Cavern Kids also excels in the clever category with I See You and Library. Little cartoon eyes look back at the viewer in I See You. And Library, designed by printmaker Tom Slaughter, recreates a wall of bookshelves. For those seeking cute, Hops is pretty adorable in Rosie (pink and white) with its jumping, cuddling, and resting bunnies.




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