Zephyr Verona Kitchen Hood

Zephyr Verona Kitchen Hood

Zephyr’s Essentials Europa Verona Wall Hood is a powerful wall-mounted extractor that evokes European minimalism while offering state-of-the-art ventilation capacity–it’s a slim, stylish addition to any kitchen.

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Constructed of stainless steel with a straight glass canopy, Verona features the Decibel Suppression System-consisting of a 715 CFM motor, an onboard computer, and Zephyr's proprietary three-bloom LEDs.

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Augmented to create the brightness of a 20-watt halogen bulb, the three-bloom LEDs not only last up to 25,000 hours, they also create a dramatic ambiance, illuminating the glass in three captivating colors: amber, cloud white, and deep blue.

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Users may choose the color or set a demo mode, which oscillates between them at 10-second intervals. As with all Essentials models, Verona is energy efficient and noise-wise-operating at 30% more power while expending 77% less energy and creating 77% less noise than conventional hoods.

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See Zephyronline.com for more details on Verona and to browse the entire Zephyr range.

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