Rope Trick Lamp by Stefan Diez

Rope Trick Lamp by Stefan Diez

Designed for new Danish design venture Wrong For Hay, Rope Trick is a new floor lamp by German designer Stefan Diez.

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Rope Trick by Stefan Diez is an adjustable floor lamp that can be used as a reading lamp or as an atmospheric uplighter.

An upright extruded textile-covered plastic stem appears to defy gravity, carrying Rope Trick’s LED head and translucent diffuser. By moving the head along the textile stem you can change the orientation of the light, which is powered by a dimmable, 11W/1080 lumen LED chip.

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Due to be launched in 2014, the floor lamp is the first release from a whole family of Rope Trick lamps that are currently under development by Diez.

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About the manufacturer:  A collaboration between Danish design brand Hay and London-based designer Sebastian Wrong, Wrong For Hay is a new design venture that made its debut at the 2013 London Design Festival with a collection of items, ranging from lighting to ceramics, textiles, glassware and furniture. Both satellite collection and standalone venture, Wrong for Hay is based in London under the creative direction of Sebastian Wrong, Wrong for Hay draws upon the city's creative energy, eclecticism and talent to explore new working relationships, new products and new markets.

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