Tokujin Yoshioka Creates ‘Planet’ Lamp For Kartell

Tokujin Yoshioka Creates ‘Planet’ Lamp For Kartell

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka established his studio a mere 16 years ago in Japan, but has some beautifully impressive projects under his belt, working with clients such as Hermes, Moroso, Issey Miyake, Lexus, and more, and has now created the ‘Planet’ lamp for Kartell.


Crystals, light, and the interplay between the sparkling property between them is a common theme in Yoshioka’s work, and his Planet lamps clearly reflect his fascination with the medium. Available as a complete series, with pendants, low table lamps, and lamps with metal structures, the signature feature is its slightly elliptical, multi-faceted diffuser and transparent surface, which creates a rich tapestry of reflections. The table lamp comes in three versions: smoke/black, yellow/gold, transparent/chrome.


Described by Kartell and designer Yoshioka, ‘A glittering object which was created by configured complex facets diffuses the light randomly by the lens effect that is brought by arranging the thickness of transparent resin.
It casts the light suggestive of the cosmos.’


‘Planet’ was launched at Salone di Milano and is available through Kartell dealers worldwide.

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