OFM Launches New Versatile Modular Stools

OFM Launches New Versatile Modular Stools

Educational and office furniture manufacturer OFM has launched three new versatile modular stools to it’s already popular collection.

Quin 2

The new additions are perfect not just for schools, but as well for offices and other contract outlets that require more versatility in modular configurations.

Jupiter 2

The soft-covered stools can be used as standalone seating or in combination to create longer lines, circular shapes or even more abstract designs. The Jupiter Series Stool is oval-shaped with a side divot, the Quin Stool is five-sided with one curved edge, and the Hex Series Stool is six-sided with straight edges.

Hex 2

Specifically designed to fit with other stools from the same series, OFM's new modular stools can be easily reconfigured. The Jupiter Series Stool has a side divot that allows it to nest easily to create a linear seating arrangement, while the Quin Stool has one curved side and can be arranged in a circular configuration. With six equal sides, the Hex Series Stool can be arranged in a variety of combinations all in hexagonal patterns.

Quin 1

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