Whimsical Firefly Pendants from Fredrik Roijé

Whimsical Firefly Pendants from Fredrik Roijé

Fireflies often conjure up images of summers in childhood, chasing the little light bugs in and out of the twilight. Dutch designer Frederik Roij© has brought these delightful memories into every day life with a re-design of his pendant Firefly lights.


Available in dark grey or white, with single or multiple tiered shades, the whimsical light offer an alternative to standard industrial pendant lamps and provide adjustable brightness optional dimmable LED bulbs. Manufactured in the Netherlands, and can be fitted with USA compliant wiring. Can be hung individually or also available as a cluster.


About the company: Frederik Roij© is a international design agency which designs diverse products for brands and for market as for private clients. The office is renowned for its creativity and innovative designs. For more information, contact info@roije.com

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