CSL Lighting Acrobat Wall Wash

CSL Lighting Acrobat Wall Wash

I sometimes feel like designer lighting can be aesthetically beautiful yet lose sight of the main objective: helping one to see.

CSL Acrobat wall wash illuminating art work

CSL Lighting's Acrobat Wall Wash Optic System keeps its eyes on the prize, "delivering next-level precision in spotlighting art, sculptures, signage, and more."

Detail of wall wash with drop down ceiling cut out so we can see apparatus behind ceiling

Acrobat Wall Wash is a step beyond traditional track lighting or downlights. The fixture controls the problem of light drift (illuminating unintended areas and thereby losing focus on the desired object)—placing all of the output on the target as well as streamlining aim and adjustment.

Acrobat Wall Wash fixture demonstrating adjustment capabilities

Users may target and focus intuitively with a click and rotate functionality that emphasizes glare blockage and visual comfort. Acrobat Wall Wash fits easily into any standard Acrobat trim, offering wall wash retrofits in a snap.

Installation of wall wash fixture

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Posted May 22, 2023 by Joseph Starr

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