From Kickstarter Comes Next Generation Lighting

From Kickstarter Comes Next Generation Lighting

Innovative companies have come up with not just some of the brightest new ideas for lightning, but utilising the most creative ways to bring to market their creations.

Here are three of lighting’s most interesting Kickstarter projects.

Model 100 Launched by RC & Design Co, a startup in Pennsylvania, this project aims to bring museum quality LED lighting into the home, at an affordable cost and slim housing to fit almost anywhere.
RC & Design Co’s Kickstarter page

Ario started out with a simple concept. Just as diet and exercise improves health, so does lightning.
Incorporating LED bulbs and a wifi connection, the Aria provides natural lighting throughout the day, triggering alertness for day and easing the user into night with a more amber output to begin producing melatonin in preparation for sleep. Aria’s Kickstarter campaign produced 800 lights and is now available for

LIFX’ Kickstarter campaign began in September 2012 and raised over 1,3M USD and go into full production with both a pure white and colour lightbulb. The bulbs are wifi enabled and smartphone controlled to produce a spectrum of pure white and brightness as desired. Compatible with most dimmer switches as well. While not the most inexpensive of lightbulbs, they are the most technologically interesting ones out there. LIFX bulbs can be ordered through their online store

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