At NeoCon 2019: BuzziDome by BuzziSpace

At NeoCon 2019: BuzziDome by BuzziSpace

Enhanced acoustics and soft, pleasant, targeted light together! I must be dreaming. No. Wait. I’m just in the BuzziSpace milieu.

BuzziSpace BuzziDome orange

New for NeoCon 2019, BuzziDome is a soft-sided, spherical, and very welcoming pendant lamp, amiably shining down while also reducing noise.

BuzziSpace BuzziDome orange light above small table

One of the latest among BuzziSpace’s burgeoning line of acoustical products, BuzziDome is an aspiring contender among the growing list of “privacy” products—those designed to accommodate open workspaces while also conferring a sense of shelter and quiet.

BuzziSpace BuzziDome orange view of top of fixture

BuzziDome achieves this by attenuating noise with its specialized upholstery, while also contributing a sense of shelter courtesy of the Dome’s enveloping shape and soft ambient lighting. In true Buzzi Style, many colors are available.

If you happen to be at NeoCon 2019, check out the BuzziSpace display with all matter of Buzzi items in Suite 10-111.

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