Valcucine Introduces Its Meccanica Kitchen In Steel And Walnut

Following the initial launch in 2013, Valcucine offers the latest version of their Meccanica kitchen range. Designed by Gabriele Centazzo, the upgrade showcases a new aesthetic, featuring a new satin finish stainless steel frame and doors in textured walnut.


Valcucine introduces the Meccanica kitchen in steel and walnut

Like its predecessor, the new Meccanca is built with modular components and is assembled using mechanical joints without glue and carcinogenic formaldehyde emissions. As a result the Meccanica kicthen offers better air quality and has a low environmental impact.


The design also guarantees that the system can be taken apart, reassembled and extended, meeting the changing requirements of the user or space.


Staying true to the ideals of the circular economy, Meccancia has been designed to be reusable and 100% recyclable, making it a perfect solution for the environmentally conscious, without compromising on the design or style.


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About the manufacturer: Valcucine is an Italian kitchen brand concerned with the environment and the wellbeing of its clients. Founded in 1980 by Giovanni Dino Cappellotto, Gabriele Centazzo, Franco Corbetta and Silvio Verardo, the Italian brand brought young kitchen furniture designers to the attention of a global audience. The brand combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to create high quality, stylish kitchens.

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