Junxion Wedge by Dauphin

Exhibited at NeoCon 2015, Junxion Wedge is a soft seating solution for open office spaces. The product offers a collaborative, instructional, and/or private space that is unapologetically innovative: "Junxion is, at its core, a space-enhancement methodology," explains Dauphin.

Versatile Seating Features Space-Enhancement Methodology

Although Junxion Wedge feels very much like a sofa, with its soft upholstery and low arms, the unit offers additional features that make it perfect for work. The particular shape lets people sitting on either end collaborate easily with each other. Its built-in power also helps during impromptu break-out sessions or informal meetings.

Junxion Wedge by Dauphin

Junxion Wedge includes a height-adjustable work shelf on a segment of the back that serves as a "Sit/Stand Bar," accommodating teleconferencing or task work. The lower height walls, however, do not isolate the person in the back, who can "easily engage with those at the lounge."

For more information, call Dauphin at 800-995-6500.

About the Manufacturer: Dauphin is a leading manufacturer of office seating. The company has focused its energy on extensive R&D in the area of health and design. Through its factory in New Jersey, Dauphin has "pursued a commitment to healthy posture" since 1969.

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