Interpole: Re-imagining the connection between furniture and building

Interpole: Re-imagining the connection between furniture and building

Created by New York-based studio Antenna Design for Knoll, Interpole is an office furniture system with a unique vertical planning approach for open plan, private offices and activity spaces.


Based on a floor-to-ceiling H-post, Interpole by Knoll provides a structure for technology, space definition and storage, wherever needed.

Available in bright white, or anodized aluminium, the H-post features separate channels for power and low voltage cable supply from the ceiling to open plan systems or activity spaces without costly and disruptive junction boxes in the floor.


The design also doubles as a space divider. Fitted with a whiteboard or tackable fabric screens, Interpole becomes a way to define space in the open plan, while delivering a valuable communication tool. Screens are available in translucent or opaque whiteboard glass, laminate whiteboard or combination laminate and tackable fabric surfaces.



Cabinets and shelves mounted between poles provide single sided or shared horizontal storage to support and define workspaces, offices and activity spaces.


In addition, the Sapper monitor arm or sleevemount supports flexible video displays at any height for informal spaces or community areas.


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