Heimtextil 2015: e-broidery

Heimtextil 2015: e-broidery

Showing as part of a dedicated textile technology installation at last week’s Heimtextil, a new line of textiles called ‘e-broidery’ provided visitors with a glimpse into the future of fabrics.

e-broidery by Forster Rohner Textile Innovation_2

Produced by the Swiss industrial LED systems company Forster Rohner Textile Innovation, the e-broidery textile samples on display were all machine washable, drapeable fabrics with integrated LED technology. Although this is not the first time we’ve seen fabric embedded with LEDs these are the most advanced examples we’ve come across.

e-broidery by Forster Rohner Textile Innovation_7

The technology is almost invisible thanks to advanced wafer-thin, flexible electronic hardware that doesn’t interfere with the natural movement and tactility of the textile; the samples on show included a fine tulle with wires woven into intricate beadwork and a delicate golden lace.

e-broidery by Forster Rohner Textile Innovation_5

Layered lighting effects with different brightness levels and animation sequences provided shimmer and depth while the integration of reflective crystals added extra sparkle.

e-broidery by Forster Rohner Textile Innovation_6

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