Cut & Compose by Shaw Contract Group

Cut & Compose by Shaw Contract Group

Shaw Contract Group

collaborated with the Center for Green Schools at the US Green Building Council on its new collection of education carpet, entitled Cut & Compose. In order to help create green schools for everyone, Shaw is donating a percentage of Cut & Compose sales to the Green Apple initiative, which strives to make educational spaces healthier and more sustainable.

Education Carpet That Gives Back

The collection of educational carpet includes broadloom and modular tiles in five patterns: Copy, Construct, Rotate, Collage, and Digits. These can be combined to create dynamic and fun designs underfoot. Cut & Compose uses letters, numbers, and abstract elements that are "cut, rotated and deconstructed and composed to graphic effect." The collection's use of unique patterns and gradations means that different patterns can be combined seamlessly and artistically.

Cut & Compose by Shaw Contract Group

Younger schoolchildren will love Copy, which features letters of the alphabet, as well as Digits, which has a numeric motif. Collage and Construct celebrate lines, while Rotate pays tribute to the circle-the geometry in all three is broken up to great effect. With a playful palette of 12 colors, Cut & Compose is sure to please: Typeset and Integer highlight black and grey, while Ecliptic and Sector celebrate a wide spectrum of blue.

Cut & Compose carpet is manufactured with Shaw Solution Q Extreme 100% solution dyed nylon on EcoWorx Performance Broadloom and EcoWorx backing. It is Cradle to Cradle Certified at the Silver level.

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