Side Orders: Contract Trend

Side Orders: Contract Trend

Height adjustable side tables designed specifically for use with laptops turn sofas and armchairs into impromptu offices for collaborative or quiet working. Free Stand by Stephen Copeland for Coalesse


Ideal for solo work on a couch or in a lounge chair, Stephen Copeland’s Free Stand table for Coalesse is foldable, height-adjustable, and lightweight. The design snaps sturdily into position while the generous work surface rotates to fit the style of the user. A built-in handle makes it easy to carry.

Acute Readign desk by Bee9

Designed by British design studio Bee9 to provide a better alternative to sitting at a desk, in a chair, for many hours a day, the Accute Reading desk leans over at 15° to create an ideal surface to work at with books, notepads, laptops and tablets. A horizontal shelf provides convenient storage space and doubles as a stand for holding your tablet or smartphone.

NesTable Jasper Morrison Vitra

Designed in 2007, Jasper Morrison’s NesTable design for Vitra was one of the first designs to cater to changing working habits. Simple and flexible, the surface of this occasional table is height adjustable, which makes it possible to maintain a correct ergonomic working posture, even while working from a sofa or lounge chair.

Calvo by Lee Kirkbride for SCP

The Calvo side table by Lee Kirkbride for British brand SCP has an angled stem and three point base that allows it to lean into the couch or armchair for more comfortable use with a laptop or tablet.

Little Friend by Kasper Salto for Fritz Hansen

The height-adjustable Little Friend table by Danish designer Kasper Salto for Fritz Hansen moves from 50 to 73 cm while the fixed version measures 60 cm in height. Both have a diameter of 45 cm, which perfectly accommodates your laptop and morning coffee. The idea behind Little Friend is to respond to contemporary ways of living and working, where portable and flexible solutions are necessary.

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