Dieter Rams’ 621 Side Table by Vitsoe

Dieter Rams’ 621 Side Table by Vitsoe

Back in 1962 when designer Dieter Rams introduced his functional, fashionable 621 Side Table he believed it represented "an elevation of plastic... to a noble and long-living material." He was absolutely right, but perhaps not for the reasons he suspected at the time.

Dieter Rams' 621 Side Table Achieves New Heights in Functionality


Of course, the aesthetic of the piece has long-lived appeal. Its clean lines and unadorned surface have spanned the zeitgeist from the high modern of the 60s to the stark minimalism of 2014. For today's mobile workforce, however, its functionality may take center stage.

621 is great for the office-less office: it nests for easy storage of different sizes; it's portable for use as a coffee table, side table, night table, or work table; it connects to other 621s to create longer surfaces; and it changes function with a simple 90 degree turn: "turning a table on end allows it to slide over a sofa for comfort and ease."


Today's 621 features the same touches as the original incarnation: a durable, hand-painted, textured surface that fights static and keeps objects in place; choice of colors (off-white or black); and a competitive price ($260 for the smaller size and $290 for the large). Additionally, Rams himself has introduce a new wrinkle--adjustable feet to help achieve perfect balance.

621's appeal is such that it has been displayed in museums worldwide.

For specifying information, contact Vitsoe at 917.675.6990.

About the Manufacturer: Vitsoe is synonymous with the work of iconic designer Dieter Rams. Together, they proved positive the aspiration that good furniture should enable clientele to "live better, with less, that lasts longer." Today, Vitsoe and Rams continue to collaborate, espousing "a single-minded commitment to smart design, world-wide online availability, and competitive price."

Posted November 19, 2014 by Joseph Starr

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