Limited Edition Bolero Table by Roberto Lazzeroni for Poltrona Frau

Limited Edition Bolero Table by Roberto Lazzeroni for Poltrona Frau

Luxury Italian furniture manufacturers Poltrona Frau have released a limited edition of 41 Bolero tables designed by Roberto Lazzeroni.

Bolero Limited Edition_front

The limited edition Bolero is a balanced blend of craftsmanship, exclusivity and texture.

Each limited edition table features a specially 

processed marble top with varying surfaces and textures. Cut from a single block, the carefully selected marble has been extracted from the Monte Corchia quarry owned by Italy's leading ornamental stone manufacturer, Savema. 

During production, the white Carrara marble – known as "arabescato" marble for its dark grey veining – is subject to abrasive brushing that etches the surfaces randomly to create a texture that changes according to the hardness of the marble. The resulting  finish enhances the marble, giving it a rugged, 3D effect.

Bolero Limited Edition_side_01

Despite appearing oval, the top is actually an irregular extended polygon with 12 sides that create a faceted effect. The top is supported by three crossbars, one on the floor and two under the surface. The finish is in Canaletto walnut veneer with a semi-glossy hand-applied oil finish.

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About the Manufacturer:  Since 1912, the name Frau has gone hand-in-hand with quality and design of interior furnishings. A name that is linked to German culture, but which is in fact, simply that of the company's founder, Sardinian-born Renzo Frau, who over time has successfully taken the 'Made in Italy' style and quality beyond national confines. Founded in Turin, Italy, Poltrona Frau's history is comprised of many incredible milestones which have all contributed in to the company's legendary design reputation.


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