Tribeca Tables by Lee Broom

Tribeca Tables by Lee Broom

“For me, Pride means self-acceptance without exception, and being part of a community that accepts who you are.”

—Lee Broom

For a clever architectural piece that mirrors the source environs of its material, look no further than Lee Broom’s Tribeca Tables.

Tribeca tables side by side with books  and an unusual wire sculpture on one table

This pair of intersecting side and coffee tables features a cantilevered construction and stepped appearance that “reflects the soaring local architecture.”

Detail black base with white table top

The similarity holds when speaking of man-made structures in and around Guidonia Montecelio and Tivoli, as well as the plentiful Travertine quarry sites in these regions and diverse locales in Turkey, Iran, Mexico, and Peru.

Tribeca tables as seen from above

In this iteration, the blond and speckled Travertine is juxtaposed with an ebon black marble for a sculptural duo that appears to defy gravity as it “cantilevers over a monolithic square base, balancing perfectly.”

Two marble tables with rectangular pedestal bases and circular tabletops in contrasting white and black
Find out more about the Tribeca Tables and see Broom’s equally compelling and just as sculptural White Street Sofa.

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