Electrical Accessories: Top 5

Electrical Accessories: Top 5

Cables, switches and plugs are office essentials that are often overlooked when it comes to design. Proving that the devil is in the details, these designers have reimagined everyday electrical accessories with intriguing results.


The ES 01 socket hub by Colombian designer Georges Moanack for Swiss design brand Punkt cleverly conceals five plugs under its cylindrical cover.

Ply-Socket by Christoph Friedrich Wagner

Young German designer Christoph Friedrich Wagner‘s multiple ‘Ply’ socket design is set into a layered plywood casing – a simple addition that brings warmth and value to an otherwise sterile object.

Inga Semp© for Legrand

French designer Inga Semp© worked with electrical equipment manufacturer Legrand to produce a series of prototypes for decorative sockets, dimmers and switches that reimagine the humble plug point. The The Trompe-L’oiel socket cover, shown above, integrates the socket holes into a repeating recessed grid design.


The wooden ball- and cube-shaped sockets that make up Los Angeles furniture designer David Okum‘s Oon multi Power Outlet not only look attractive but also prevent the cable from tangling.


Lufdesign have created a set of plastic cable ties in the shape of plant stems complete with plastic leaves.

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