Healing Light: Healthcare Trend

Healing Light: Healthcare Trend

Sophisticated LED and OLED lamps and lighting installations are able to create the illusion of daylight in dark interiors. These therapeutic lamps are clinically proven to relieve the fatigue and enhance the mood of those suffering from the effects of a lack of natural light. Tomorrow is Another Day by Mathieu Lehanneur_1

Originally designed for a palliative care unit in a French hospital Mathieu Lehanneur’s Tomorrow is Another Day functions like a weather station using LEDs to project a representation of the next day’s sky onto a screen. The design was conceived as a way of encouraging patients to think positively about the future.

Wake-Up Light by Philips

Philips have a wide range of therapy lights including the Wake-Up Light. Playing soothing sounds and gradually changing color in the mornings from a soft red light to a warm orange and then a brighter yellow light, the Wake-Up Light mimics the lighting conditions of a sunrise, prompting a natural waking experience.

Daylight Entrance by Daniel Rybakken copy

Daylight Entrance by Daniel Rybakken simulates daylight in an office building in Stockholm with no natural light. Trapezoid-shaped panels of LED lights were installed behind a white, solid surface material lining the walls of a staircase. When lit, the lights create patches of light on the walls that resemble sunlight being cast through windows.

Luminous Virtual Windows by Sky Factory

Available in many shapes and sizes, Sky Factory’s Luminous Virtual Windows feature backlit high-resolution photography that throw out daylight-balanced light (the same light used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Candeo by Katrina Nuutinen for Innolux Bright

Finnish firm Innojok produce a range of contemporary light therapy lamps that are indistinguishable from regular everyday lighting designs. The lamps use scientifically-proven technology that fills interiors with warm, atmospheric light.



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