Food For Thought: Green Trend

Food For Thought: Green Trend

Drawing parallels between cooking and design, these furniture and lighting designs made from food waste offer sustainable alternatives to non-recyclable materials.  


Made from sea salt and a synthetic binder, the Salt pendants by Tweraser Design are smooth on the outside and rough and unfinished on the inside.


The decafe lighting and tabletop products by Raúl Laurí are all made form discarded coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are simply mixed with a natural binding substance before being 'baked' at a certain pressure and temperature. The result is a strong and tactile material that Laurí has used to make four lamps and a bowl.


Greek designer Spyros Kizis has made a series of chairs and lamps made by mixing artichoke thistles with bio-resin.

VENUS - Natural crystal chair_Tokujin Yoshioka

Inspired by the traditional technique for making rock candy, Tokujin Yoshioka designed a whole range of materials, including the Venus chair.


Made from peanut husk or carrot peels, and mixed with potato starch, the compostable Foodscapes containers by Whomade and Michela Milani are free of additives, colorants, thickeners and artificial agents.

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