NeoCon 2014: Herman Miller

NeoCon 2014: Herman Miller

In 2013, Herman Miller introduced Living Office, an enlightened and more human-centered framework to approach contemporary office design. Building on the momentum of its Living Office launch, this week Herman Miller unveiled new tools, information, and dynamic new furniture designs to help organizations achieve their own Living Office.  

Public 4

Herman Miller’s Living Office concept promotes a more natural and desirable workplace that fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity, and, ultimately, greater prosperity for all.

Greg Parsons, Herman Miller's Vice President, New Landscape of Work, noted, "Today's technologies allow us to work anywhere. So why come to an office at all? Living Office aims to provide to knowledge workers what the stage or recording studio offers to musicians- an environment optimized to inspire and enable people's ultimate performance. By deeply understanding human motivations and their corollaries in space design, Living Office enhances both performance and satisfaction."


Working with many of the world's leading researchers, subject experts and designers, Herman Miller is introducing this new knowledge with related services, products, and technologies to support its progressive vision.


Locale: Designed by UK-based Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, Locale helps organizations better utilize and manage open offices with a system that enables seamless transitions between work done together and alone, and in seated or standing postures. By removing visual and physical obstacles and condensing the architectural scale of an open plan office into a tightly knit neighborhood, Locale helps people stay better connected to their work and each other.


During the design process for Locale, Hecht and Colin drew on their own office for inspiration-a highly efficient space that accommodates different work styles and behaves like an energetic international neighborhood. The design drew upon the notion of a thriving English high street, which serves the community and broader city simply and effectively, by arranging a variety of local activities and services in close proximity.


Public Office Landscape: Designed by Yves Behar and fuseproject, Public is the first office system to support casual work and provide comfort, at the desk, in circulation space, and in group areas-all within a consistent design vocabulary. Visually uniform and modular surfaces, storage, and seating can be configured into a broad range of settings that encourage fluid transitions between collaborative and focused work.

Public 2
The Social Chair

The Social Chair is the core component of the Public system, bringing new ergonomics, functionality and durability to soft seating while accommodating a range of people and postures.

Renew Sit-to-Stand Table 2

Renew: Designed by Brian Alexander, Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables make moving from sitting to standing, and back again, a natural part of a person's day and offers a full range of supported movement to help people stay more active and healthier at work. A newly designed paddle-shaped switch moves up and down intuitively, allowing people the freedom to choose the perfect sitting or standing height without unneeded thought.

Renew Sit-to-Stand Table 5

Softly angled corners prevent bumps and bruises under the table, while slim-profile legs offer more freedom to move. Renew also boasts a seamless wire management design that routes the cords from numerous desktop tools into a cable trough below the table, keeping them out of sight even when the table is raised. Renew is available in one of four height adjustment options: Crank, Electric, Extended Range Electric, and Pneumatic. The table is also offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and finish options.

BON Geiger Elsi
Geiger Elsi conferencing system

Geiger: A variety of new Geiger products help bring a Living Office to life: Geiger Elsi conferencing system by Jess Sorel brings a more residential feel to the office.  The Nessel Chair by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen is a lightweight yet robust solid wood chair.

BON Crosshatch
Crosshatch Chair

The Crosshatch Chair by Eoos employs handcraft and technology to achieve alluringly refined results. The Tuxedo Tables by BassamFellows take the award-winning Tuxedo Component Lounge Collection beyond seating while the Tuxedo Classic seating system designed by BassamFellows, offers similar scale to its namesake yet with a more anchored, traditional look.

Eames upholstered environment
Eames upholstered environment

Herman Miller Collection: The Herman Miller Collection soft seating designs can be seamlessly integrated to complement and enhance Herman Miller's new office furniture archetypes. At NeoCon 2014, several new Collection pieces will be presented including a selection of new furniture, important reissues and material additions to several of its most iconic designs.

Bolster armchair

Pieces include new seating systems by BassamFellows called the Bolster and Tuxedo Classic; two archival reintroductions include the Eames Upholstered Molded Fiberglass Shell Chair, which is now made using a less volatile, monomer-free "dry bind" process, and the playful Girard Color Wheel Ottoman; and finally, Studio 7.5 have produced a series of Polygon Tables that can be nested or stacked.

Nemschoff Palisade Collection 3
Palisade Collection

Nemschoff: Applying the same holistic, human-centered principals of the Living Office to Healthcare environments, Nemschoff demonstrates the principles of a Healthcare-focused Living Office with its new Palisadeâ„¢ Collection.

Nemschoff Palisade Collection 1
Palisade Collection

Designed by Jess Sorel of Sorel Studio, the new Palisadeâ„¢ Collection from Nemschoff is specifically designed to encourage guest participation in the healing process by creating an accommodating and responsive setting within the patient room. The collection features seating, technology support, lighting, storage, sleeping, and work space. Dave Ruppel, Nemschoff Vice President and General Manager explains, "The Palisade collection was designed to offer a sense of welcome and comfort to guests, supporting their need to work, eat, sleep, and stay close to their loved one."

In addition Herman Miller and Maharam have worked together to launch - a new website that provides clear, fact-based information on textiles for healthcare environments. Making its debut during NeoCon 2014, the website is designed to be a resource and learning tool to aid in the understanding and specification of textiles for healthcare environments.

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