Namur by HOESCH

German brand HOESCH has introduced Namur, a new freestanding bathtub made from a dolomite mineral composite called Solique that keeps the water in the tub warm for longer.

Namur tub by HOESCH_2

Namur is a new oval-shaped tub made from Solique, a strong mineral composite that keeps the water in the tub warm for longer.

Solique is made of cleverly combined materials that are extremely resistant to abrasion and deterioration. At the same time, Namur has a smooth and shiny surface and, thanks to the material, keeps the water warm for longer.

Namur tub by HOESCH_3

The design is completed by an optional back-rest in classic black, which can be adjusted individually. In addition to brilliant white, Namur is also available in six earth tones and comes in four sizes: 1700 x 750 mm, 1800 x 800 mm, 1800 x 900 mm and 1900 x 900 mm. 

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About the manufacturer: Headquartered in Kreuzau near Düren, HOESCH is a renowned manufacturer of bath and wellness products with a history that dates back to 1742.  An industry leader when it comes to wellness in the sanitary ware, HOESCH has an international reputation as a creator of premium products in the design and wellness segment.

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