Monolink by Casala

Monolink by Casala

Perfect for education environments, Monolink is Casala‘s first one-piece chair that can be both linked together and stacked.

Monolink by Casala_6

Casala’s versatile Monolink integrates immediately in both the smallest canteen and the largest conference room.

Handy, comfortable and sturdy, Monolink is a one-piece cast chair which has been fitted with a system for linking and stacking. The frame is available in three colors and two versions, one with a plastic seat and another with an upholstered seat.

Monolink by Casala_7

In addition, the plastic seat comes in the same three colours as the frame plus an additional three additional colors so up to eighteen different color combinations can be produced.

Monolink by Casala_8

Casala has also developed a clever transport system which is available as an accessory. Another option is Casala’s digital Zifra numbering system.


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About the Manufacturer: The word used to describe this Culemborg-based contract manufacturing company is derived from the abbreviation of Carl Sasse of Lauenau. From The Netherlands, Casala is known for their international design-friendly nature that works in care centers, public spaces, offices, government buildings, education and at churches. 

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