Beautiful Botanicals by Clarissa Hulse for Graham & Brown

Beautiful Botanicals by Clarissa Hulse for Graham & Brown

The daughter of a Greek diplomat, artist Clarissa Hulse led an itinerant childhood in which she witnessed a variety of landscapes from vast locales as diverse as the Czech Republic, Thailand, Belgium, France, Italy, and Greece!

Antique Rose from the Clarissa Hulse collection. Pink/white/dark pink on wall behind decorative vases and tchotchkes

She landed from all this wandering and witnessing in Brighton, UK, where she studied art before moving up to London—easy striking distance to the fields of Wiltshire, where she honed an eye and a craft for depicting the bounteous botanicals therein: “invitations to wander into a magical Wiltshire Garden where wildflower and seedheads glow against luminous, open skies.”

Botanical wallpaper design with fern-like shapes in green, pale pink, white with salmon-colored chair

The artist’s new collection for Graham & Brown is the culmination of over 20 years of Hulse’s studies and work: “Every leaf, stem, bud and flower was collected by Clarissa in the wilds of the Wiltshire, and carefully photographed back in her London studio.”

Serendipity Greenhouse from Clarissa Hulse collection with depictions of meadow wildflowers in greens, blues, olives

The resultant wallcoverings are a dense phantasmagoria of the natural world: eager pistils, silken leaves, and exuberant blooms populate these designs, all back-grounded by earthen shades or vivid, gradating colors, depicting the still of an autumn afternoon or the great drama of an August sunset.

Tania's Garden design field wildflowers on backdrop of gradations of reds and pinks

After a start making hand-painted scarves, Hulse evolved into her niche creating art and design inspired by nature, a niche that she won’t be leaving any time soon: “Whether I’m scouring the countryside for beautiful seedheads, hand printing designs in the studio or packing up orders with the team – I am lucky to be able to do a job that I am so passionate about. I hope to bring some of my deep love of the beauty in nature into your homes.”

Clarissa Hulse Collection drooping fern-like plants in shades of green with ornate lamp with botanical shade

All paper in the Clarissa Hulse collection is sourced from sustainably managed locations; all paint is water based. Contact Graham & Brown to specify.

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