Whiteout: Education Trend

Whiteout: Education Trend

A cost effective alternative to traditional whiteboards, dry erase coatings transform surfaces into functional write-and-erase canvases. Perfect for the classroom environment, choose from a variety of colors and unique properties.


Available in a variety of colors including clear, IdeaPaint is a dry erase paint that transforms any metal-based product into a handy whiteboard for making notes, filing, or just doodling.  Ideapaint is the only dry-erase paint to be Greenguard Certified for indoor air quality.

Wink by Wolf Gordon_1

Wolf Gordon’s Wink is a clear, dry erase coating that turns any paintable surface into a write-and-erase canvas. Applied as a paintable clear coat to virtually any non-porous surface, Wink is virtually odorless, has a low-VOC formula and even qualifies for LEED points for Low Emitting Materials in the Paints and Coatings category. Once the surface is dry and cured (in about five days), Wink works with any standard dry erase marker without ghosting.


3M Architectural Markets' DI-NOCâ„¢ Whiteboard Finish is a durable, lightweight and easy to install surface that is available in lightweight 48" x 94' rolls that can be easily applied to walls, desktops, tabletops or even used to refurbish exisiting whiteboards. Standard whiteboard markers can be used on the surfaces.

ReMARKable paint

ReMARKableâ„¢ is a dry-erase coating that turns nearly any surface into a whiteboard. Perfect for offices, homes and schools, ReMARKable‘s non-toxic and practically odor-free clear formula can be applied directly on top of a painted surface.

Smart Wall Paint

Smart Wall Paint is a one-coat paint-on whiteboard that can be used on walls, tables, desks and doors. It also has a performance guarantee of 10 years against staining which usually appears on traditional whiteboards.

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