Perfect Patient: Healthcare Trend

Perfect Patient: Healthcare Trend

Used for around 2-8 hours a day, patient chairs need to be tough enough to meet the demands of a busy healthcare environment, caring enough to provide supreme comfort while also catering to the needs of a variety of patients. Proving that its possible to meet all of these criteria and still be aesthetically pleasing, here are five of our favorite patient chair designs that combine good looks with therapeutic benefits.

PearsonLloyd Patient Chair_1

PearsonLloyd's Patient Chair comprises a easy-to-clean streamlined plastic shell that has as few joints and intersections as possible so as to reduce the chair's ability to harbor germs. The seat cushion is filled with a gel material, which provides pressure relief and transports moisture away from the patient. The wipe clean upholstery is secured to the shell thanks to integrated magnets while extra cushions are covered with bed linen, so each patient gets a fresh chair.

Cura Patient by Nurture Healthcare Furniture

Created by award winning designer Michael Shields, the Curaâ„¢ seating line for Nurture has a unique flexing frame that accommodates subtle movements that can improve comfort and reduce anxiety. Tandem and patient, high-back and mid-back seating styles are available in wide and narrow versions.

Cent Tilt Patient Chair by Herman Miller

The lightweight and comfortable Cent Tilt chair reduces the physical effort required of caregivers when moving a patient from standing to seated and back to standing positions. For patients, the chair’s comfort and advanced ergonomic design have a positive effect on body and mind, fostering a sense of well being.

150" away 29.5" high

The Nourish chair by Total Global Office has Height adjustable legs and rear casters that allow a tip and move movement so that the chair can be conveniently repositioned without lifting. In addition, the transfer arms conveniently fold out of the way when the trigger is released.

Rose Chair by KI

KI’s compact Rose chair‘s distinctive dynamic motion therapeutically reduces anxiety and promotes circulation and relaxation. The sanitary mesh seat promotes air flow and wicks away perspiration, keeping patients cooler and promoting skin integrity.

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