New Colors of Newspaper Wood

New Colors of Newspaper Wood

First launched in 2011, NewspaperWood is a material invented by Dutch designer Mieke Meijer, which has been developed together with and licensed to the Dutch design label Vij5.

[caption id="attachment_94905" align="alignnone" width="546"]TabloidTable_colouredNewspaperWood_orange_03 Tabloid Tables by Floris Hovers[/caption]

Made from recycled paper, the Newspaper Wood panels are now available in five colors.

When a NewspaperWood log is cut, the layers of paper appear like lines of a wood grain or the rings of a tree and therefore resembles the aesthetic of real wood. The material can be cut, milled and sanded and generally treated like any other type of wood. Together with a band of designers, Vij5 have developed numerous pieces of furniture.

[caption id="attachment_94904" align="alignnone" width="546"]TabloidTable_colouredNewspaperWood_orange_02 Tabloid Tables by Floris Hovers[/caption]

Now, working with four different colored newspapers - La Gazetta della Sport, Italia Oggi, Asharq Al-Awsat and the Financial Times - Vij5 are now able to produce the panels in five different colors.

[caption id="attachment_94900" align="alignnone" width="546"]Framed_colouredNewspaperWood_green Framed by Breg Hanssen[/caption]

To celebrate the new palette, Vij5 have produced special editions of the Framed cabinets, Tabloid tables and the Sample Series of jewelry.

[caption id="attachment_94907" align="alignnone" width="546"]SampleSeries_colouredNewspaperWood_03 Sample Series by rENs[/caption]

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About the manufacturer: Vij5 is a Dutch design label with a collection of interior products, characterized by simplicity and the use of existing elements. Its founders, Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst, design the basis of the products and actively seek collaboration with other young designers to expand their collection. Because Arjan and Anieke control all processes of each product from a designer's perspective, the brand has a very personal style and high quality standards. The designs all feature correct proportions and a balanced composition; the use of pure, honest materials; clear lines and fine details.

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