Milan 2014: Dune by Hanna Emelie Ernsting & Sarah Böttger

Milan 2014: Dune by Hanna Emelie Ernsting & Sarah Böttger

This week at the Salone Satellite German designers Hanna Emelie Ernsting & Sarah Böttger presented a new quilted rug design called Dune.


The Dune rug is a soft, quilted wool rug by German designers Emelie Ernsting & Sarah Böttger.

Inspired by the soft structure of wind-blown sand, the Dune carpet is made from pieces of woven loden – a soft and durable woolen cloth – that are quilted together to form a three-dimensional pattern. Bringing the comfort of upholstered furniture to the floor, the Dune rug’s tactile surface invites people to sit, lie and relax.


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About the designers:

Hanna Emilie Ernsting is a German-American designer who studied product design at the HfG in Karlsruhe and at the ENSAD in Paris. Having spent time working for Dutch designer Ineke Hans in Arnhem, with the architects ISAR in San Francisco, as well as with the Vitra Design Museum, Hanna started her own design studio in 2011. Hanna's designs have been exhibited internationally in museums, contests and fairs around the world and have been distinguished with awards such as the Interior Innovation Award (2nd prize) at the D3 Talents Contest by the German Design Council and received a nomination for Designpreis Deutschland 2012 Newcomer.

Sarah Böttger worked as cabinet maker, before studying Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach am Main and Helsinki. She founded her studio 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany, from where she designs designs furniture, lamps, glass and related products for international clients such as Danish brand MENU. Her work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgium, Berlin, Milan, Paris and Shanghai and was published in various magazines. 2012 she was nominated for the German Design Award in the category Newcomer.


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