Virtual Doctors: Healthcare Trend

Virtual Doctors: Healthcare Trend

The market for wearable healthcare devices and health monitoring apps is developing at a rapid pace with revenues expected to reach to $20 million by 2017. From eyewear and bracelets to smart watches and apps, consumer electronics that monitor our wellbeing and communicate directly with health professionals look set to revolutionize personal healthcare.

Peek Vision_1

One of 76 finalists for the London’s Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2014 exhibition, Peek Vision is an easy to use, affordable and portable system for testing eyes. Designed for use by anyone, anywhere in the world, the app allows patients to take very detailed pictures of their own retina, which are then sent to heath professionals who can diagnose the problem almost instantly.

AiQ's BioMan sports jersey

AiQ's BioMan sports jersey is made from a machine-washable conductive steel yarn laced with bio sensors that monitor heart rate, respiration and skin temperature. The personal data collected by the bio sensors is then sent to the user's smartphone via bluetooth so progress can be monitored.


Developed by Fuseproject and designed to be used by people who live far away from healthcare facilities, Kernel is a wearable device that can test for disease. Using Bluetooth technology, the device allows patients to test their own blood, saliva, urine or breath and then transmit the results to a doctor for fast diagnosis.

Leadtek, the ECG Patch_1

Made by Taiwanese company Leadtekthe ECG Patch (Electrocardiography Patch) is a wireless adhesive patch that can be applied to the skin to monitor a patient’s heart rate, body temperature and activity levels. The stretchable device uses cloud technology to communicate with healthcare professionals who are then able to remotely monitor the patient's health. In addition, it allows patients to view test results on their mobile devices.


Shine is a wearable anodised aluminium disc device by tech start-up Misfit, which tracks activity and calories burnt during the day. Designed to look like a piece of jewellery, the tracker is available in a range of colours including ice blue and champagne

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