Modern Mirrors: Luxury Trend

Modern Mirrors: Luxury Trend

Colorful hues and geometric patterns characterize these decorative looking glass designs that turn ordinary mirrors into works of art.

Tropicana mirror by Matteo Zorzenoni for Miniforms_3

Launched by Italian brand Miniforms last year, the Tropicana mirrors by Matteo Zorzenoni feature precise geometric patterns made up of colored and clear glass.

Fathom Mirror by Joe Doucet for Reclaim NYC

Created for the charitable design organization Reclaim NYC, Joe Doucet‘s Fathom Mirror serves as a beautiful reminder of how quickly we forget about events of devastation. While the top half of the mirror creates a clear reflection, the blue bottom half creates a deep refraction, making the observer appear as if they are neck deep in water.

Petal mirror by Color & Mirror

This Art Deco-inspired Petal mirror was created by the team of glass artists that make up Detroit-based studio Color & Mirror.

Transience mirror by Lex Pott and David Derksen

The laser cut Transience mirrors by David Derksen and Lex Pott feature overlapping geometric shapes that are created by applying sulphur to to the mirror’s surface. The sulphur speeds up the oxidation process and allows Pott and Derksen to control the intensity of color created.

Diamond Mirror by Piet Houtenbos

The Diamond Mirror by Piet Houtenbos is made from laboratory quality glass of the highest optical clarity to create a brighter, clearer and more vivid  reflection. The 16 facets are precisely cut to the nearest half degree and polished by hand by a master glass beveler. The Mirror is mounted by attaching a supplied steel plate to the wall, which attaches to the mirror’s magnetic backing allowing it to be held securely and perfectly flush to the wall.

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