Eco-Friendly Kids Furniture: Green Trend

Eco-Friendly Kids Furniture: Green Trend

Furniture for children doesn’t have to be made from brightly colored plastic in order to be appealing. These caring and natural designs manage to be both tasteful, playful and kind to the environment at the same time.

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Made from hammered and ripped industrial non-toxic cardboard, this richly textured Rip + Tatter kids chair by Assembly can be simply taken out with the recycling at the end of its life.

Bunny chairs_Yu_Wantanabe_Hiromatsu Furniture

Japanese brand Hiromatsu Furniture teamed up with designer Yu Watanabe to create these super cute Bunny Chairs.  Made to order in  in stained and natural pine, these chairs are designed and built to last.

Eco-Friendly Kids Furniture by HECMEC

Despite their plastic appearance, these kids tables and chairs by Japanese brand HECMEC are made from recyclable cardboard tubes and a paper and resin composite.

Lullaboo Rocking Chair by Celery Furniture_1

Made of Bamboo and/or 100% recycled formaldehyde-free medium density fiberboard with low-VOC finishes, the Lullaboo Rocking Chair by Celery Furniture is a simple, lightweight design that comes in two sizes.


The Maki stools by Polish design studio Deconcept are made from coiled cardboard wrapped in cosy and natural felt. The felt cover stays in place with a series of metal buttons while the simple handle makes them easy to transport.

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