ReCover Flooring by Vorwerk

ReCover Flooring by Vorwerk

German flooring brand Vorwerk has launched a new generation of elastic design flooring named RE/COVER green.

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Nearly 90% of Vorwerk’s RE/COVER green flooring is manufactured from regenerative raw materials.

As well as being environmentally friendly, the flooring is hardwearing and  able to withstand heavy-duty workloads in high traffic areas such as offices, retailing, healthcare, hotels, gastronomy, or public-access buildings.

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Vorwerk have replaced standard petrochemical polyols with organic polyols extracted from castor or rapeseed oil. The resulting organic elastomer does not signify any loss of quality, is particularly easy to care for, durable, odor-free, installation-friendly, low on emissions, and is recyclable.

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Due to a refined irregular dot structure on the surface, the plain-hued styles exhibit a discreet sparkling effect inspired by a water surface in motion while the monochrome shades of RE/COVER green have a particularly lively appearance.

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About the manufacturer: German flooring brand Vorwerk has been manufacturing carpets since 1883. The company believes that carpets are "possibilities for floor architecture." With collections designed for various applications-hotel, office, business, and residential-Vorwerk offers a wide array of styles, including variable tile collections and completely recyclable products.

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