Cool Compostables: Green Trend

Cool Compostables: Green Trend

From lamps made of discarded coffee grounds to chairs made from old carpet fibers, these cool contemporary furniture and lighting designs are truly cradle-to-cradle. As well as being made from waste materials, they are also 100 percent biodegradable, simply disappearing into the earth at the end of their life cycle.


Called decafe, this collection of lighting and tabletop products by Raúl Laurí are all made form discarded coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are simply mixed with a natural binding substance before being ‘baked’ at a certain pressure and temperature. The result is a strong and tactile material that Raúl Laurí has used to make four lamps and a bowl.

Biodegradable_Green Trend_Hush by Freyja Sewell

British designer Freyja Sewell‘s Hush pod chairs are made from a single piece of industrial wool felt, while the internal padding is made from recycled wool fibers discarded by carpet manufacturers. The whole chair is 100% biodegradable and can be set up to create a private pod or folded down to create a relaxed armchair.

Biodegradable_Green Trend_Camira Hemp Fabric

Camira’s Hemp Fabrics are a line of sustainable fabrics made from a mix of 60% wool and 40% hemp. Designed for use in contract interiors, the Hemp fabrics are available in 25 colors.

Biodegradable_Green Trend_Impasto by Steenfatt

Copenhagen-based  Steenfatt has created a line of furniture and lighting made from a unique fiber composite called Impasto. Made from leftover wood, coffee, and colorful pigments, Impasto is manufactured as 100 percent biodegradable sheets, which are then shaped into lamps and chairs using a vacuum forming process.


Biodegradable_Green Trend_Bio lantern by liqui

Following on from liquidesign’s earlier projects that involve turning mundane everyday items into desirable design objects, the Bio Lantern is constructed entirely from biodegradable take-away food boxes.

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